CADucopia Cutter Profiler v0.1 released

The Caducopia Cutter Profiler v0.1 060824 has been released.

The CADucopia Cutter Profiler is a RhinoScript that displays the profile of a cutter (defined in Deskproto’s .ctr cutter format) as a polycurve in Rhino (DeskProto’s .ctr format is used with the kind permission of Delft Spline Systems).

This profile can then be used in conjunction with the CADucopia Offset Calculator which calculates a number, an offset, that can be used to create a 2D contour curve to cut parts out of flat sheet, clean up walls and contours, etc. Cutter profiles are also useful in the close examination of toolpaths displayed by the CADucopia Toolpath Viewer.

Case studies of how the CADucopia products work together will be offered in coming weeks.

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