Blog maintenance update

The CADucopia blog has undergone some long overdue maintenance, including a new host and fresh install of WordPress. If you have linked to content on the site you may need to update your links. Thank you for your support.

Blog maintenance and facelift

Please note that this blog is undergoing some much needed maintenance and a facelift.   The look and feel may change  as the work is performed.  We thank you in advance for your patience.

Contact as always should you have any questions or need assistance.  Thank you.

Personalized Instruction update

We’re finding some interactive personalized training can be delivered quite effectively via the internet.  So, can’t get away from your desk, or live on a remote mountain top with satellite link-up, perhaps we still can help.   Please contact us at to discuss your specific requirements.

Personalized Instruction Available

Here at Caducopia there has been a uptick in requests for personalized instruction. Although the economic slowdown and its effects have been largely unwanted, some individuals are taking it as an opportunity to retool. And this includes training. How many times have you wanted to get some training but have been just too busy to get it?! Maybe now’s the time. We provide one-on-one instruction in CAD/CAM (Rhino/Deskproto) and scripting (RhinoScript).

A couple of notes on the training we do.  It is personalized, meaning we concentrate on the areas of interest to you. If you do jewelry, we do jewelry.  If you do something else, we do that. Furthermore, if there are one or more projects you’ve been looking to do and you think CAD/CAM is the answer, we concentrate on them.  Secondly, training is held at a place and time that is mutually convenient to both instructor and student, and class proceeds at a pace comfortable to the student. There’s a very good chance we can find a time and place convenient to your home or place of business in the New York area.

So, classes can be arranged to suit a particular student’s schedule and needs.  We can also help you select the hardware and software to pursue CAD/CAM either personally or at your place of business if you like.  Although, we are very fond of the tools we use, Rhino and Deskproto included, we don’t currently sell these products, so there’s no hard sell here, although a very good question to ask any CAD/CAM vendor is whether they personally know how to use and can support the products they sell.

Why not drop us a note at to explore what might work for you?

Jim Korn
Caducopia, LLC