Welcome to CADucopia!

We hope to bring you items of interest related to scripting and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Manufacture) applications because this is our business (see About).

The CADucopia toolpath viewer will be offered shortly as a free download. The CADucopia Toolpath Viewer is a RhinoScript that displays a XYZ G-Code toolpath in Rhino as polylines. G0, G1 and M30 and X, Y, Z are used for generating the polylines. Other G and M codes and special characters (with the exception of a comment character) are ignored.

To obtain your copy of the CADucopia Toolpath Viewer, visit the DeskProto website (www.deskproto.com). Delft Spline Systems, the software publisher of DeskProto, has kindly offered to host the download.


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